C.H.I. Commercial EASY Grilles and Closures: 9200

9200 EASY Grilles and Closures


  • When opened, Side-folding EZ Grille fits into a pocket that is only 6-inches wide and fits flush with a 6-inch steel stud, allowing it to be built into a wall
  • Limit of approximately 32 feet for EZ Closure into one pocket
  • Quick and easy installation saves time and money
  • Easy pocket adjusts on-site to fit your opening

Pre-installed in its own storage pocket including pocket door, the 9200 roll-up door series offers a simple solution for storefronts and other applications. It installs quickly and can easily be adjusted on-site to fit your opening.


Choose from a variety of options including:

  • Rod Link
  • Perforated
  • Solid (Truss-Like Aluminum)
  • Anodized, Clear


Side folding doors are stored (stacked) in a pocket or at the sides of the opening when in the full open position. Determining what layout to use depends on space limitations, type of closure and how you want the door to operate. When panels are stored they are referred to as a stack.


9200 Layout

Mounting Options

The pocket for Side Folding Model 9200 is only 6-inches wide and fits flush with a 6-inch steel stud, allowing it to be built into a wall. You just drywall over the frame, we even provide 3/4 inch drywall screws so they will not protrude through the 1/2 inch steel frame.

  • Overhead track: Extruded aluminum, 1-3/8ā€ wide x 1-5/8ā€ high, continuous profile seamed with alignment bars and track pins at splices.
  • Self-Supporting Mounts (optional): 9200 models can be manufactured in a steel pocket frame. This type of grille door can aid in difficult installations by providing header support. Door can be self supported by mounting pocket directly to the floor or wall and add header directly to pocket with ā€œcā€ strut/channel, depending on distance spanned, may not require additional bracing.

Door Options

  • Emergency Egress: Full-size door opens fully in direction of egress. Depending on locality, hardware and door should comply with ICBO and ADA egress requirements. Emergency Egress will add 8 to 10 inches of additional stack.

Specs / Drawings

Name Word Doc PDF
9200 Easy Grille 3 Part Specification CSI Doc PDF
9200 Easy Perforated 3 Part Specification CSI Doc PDF
9200 Easy Solid 3 Part Specification CSI Doc PDF